The Beginning


It started in 2015 when I felt stuck in all aspects of my life.  I had a good job that paid the bills but was not challenging my professional growth. I started school again but had a bad attitude about the reasons I was going. I was still hooking up with “the love of my life”, hoping he would finally make me his girlfriend.  I recently broke up with several friends that didn’t really get me or maybe I didn’t get them.  My family was going through some growing pains of their own.  I struggled with knowing where I fit in, where I was going or what the big picture really was.  I was truly lost.  I had struggled with the same questions for most of my life.  I felt different than the other girls in school, mostly cause I was the new girl for a few years.  I had this fire inside of me that I couldn’t explain, even through my brief college days I didn’t know how to harness my passion.  I couldn’t choose what I wanted to become. I always felt I was looking down on myself from high above watching what I would do next.  I was waiting for life to find me – I found it a few times and had some fun but up until 2015 I let life carry me through different jobs, boyfriends, lovers, friends, states, personalities, and dreams.  I stayed consistent in my burning need to feel purpose.  What was I meant to do, be, see, desire, love? In 2015 on the advice of my counselor, I asked my doctor for some pharmaceutical support.  I had taken anti-depressants before and knew it really wasn’t what I needed, but I didn’t know what else to do.  I wanted something to help me get over the hump, to help me see into the future. Well, the hump turned into a mountain of pain. I was not happy and felt worse 28 days in.  In May I asked my sister for help. She had started using essential oils a few months earlier and had nothing but good results. The latest home party trend, I thought…Until Young Living Essential Oils woke me up from a very deep sleep. Within 5 months I knew I was not in the right job and started preparing for my next move, I was never going to be with “him” officially and broke off for good, and I was confident in my decision about the friends I cut out but still unsure about school.  I started seeing my life and how it should be, not how life was going carry me.  They say things, people, events all happen at the time you need them to happen. This is the story of my life. For the good part of the last 2 years I’ve spent my 30 minute commute learning about myself, utilizing some amazing books and studying people I admire.  One thing kept coming back to me.  I have a voice, and I want to heard.   I have surrounded myself with some amazing women, some oily some not. That have pulled me up from the some really down times when I thought I had list my vision – so now that I can see where I am supposed to be it is time to live my life girl and I’m bringing you along with me.


I am currently building my Young Living business by helping people utilize essential oils and sharing my story with others on how they saved me. I am starting this blog to share stories of others that have a voice and to be a voice to guide those young gals just like me who were a little lost and need some faith that they will be found, their purpose defined and their fire able to burn bright.


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