It’s been a few days since Easter and signs of Spring are here and slowly coming out.  The sun is shining today and I am feeling a sense of renewal, and have for weeks now.  With the start of I am feeling the love.  The love of the close women around me, the women who inspire me, and those that are new friends.

I want to talk a little about renewal – “an instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption” – or how I think of it – “the replacing or repair of something that is worn out, run-down, or broken”.  Now, I am not saying I am broken, run down or worn out but some days I do feel that way when things get tough or I am stuck.  Starting over fresh is not my most favorite thing to do, I struggle with repeating work that has already been done. But other things like renewing my wardrobe this time of year, even if I’m still carrying around those 15lbs I wanted to be rid of, get me excited. I also renew my domain licenses, my driver’s license every couple years, and my Amazon Prime now membership which aren’t barn burning fun but it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Wardrobes and subscription renewals are hardly the most important renewals women are faced with.  We constantly renew our spirits, goals, outlook, purposes to fit those who are important to us and then we renew for ourselves.

As I mentioned, I have been feeling this sense of urgent renewal for weeks now and while I was sharing Easter Service with my Aunt and her family I wondered why this Spring seemed like such a great time to renew – well – me? This morning it hit me, I have this single daffodil by my front door that blooms every year, she is all alone and has been there since I moved in. I get so excited and filled with energy when I see those first few green leaves poking through. I love seeing her break the soil and spring up with her bright yellow trumpet singing that she has arrived! I think I might envy her. Every year  that sassy daffodil blooms, reminding me that I can be renewed too, and finally I heard her.

I am hoping you have had the same feeling and that you grasp it by the tail and soar! Now it the time to do something great and exciting and courageous – even if it’s as small as buying those cute sling backs that make you feel like you own the world.  Let’s all be a sassy daffodil this Spring! Are you with me?

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