Climbing The Mountain

Now that I am understanding my fears, I am looking forward to challenging them.  For the next 5 months I will be focused on conquering those fears.  I have made some short term and long-term goals that I am confident I can meet. I wanted to break them up into 30-day goals and making three 30-day goals a month will help keep me motivated.  After sharing my January plans with my supportive co-worker, she commented that my goals were aggressive. She may be right, but I am not backing down from living my life girl.  Getting a kick start on realigning my feelings with food with a Whole 30 is goal 1 and the major goal for January. I started Whole 30  on 1.2.19 and am currently on day 4, yes I know very basic for a New year resolution and dripping with opportunity for failure.  For those that are unfamiliar with The Whole 30 Program, in short it is an elimination diet that focuses on foods that cause inflammation like dairy, sugar & grains. Now there are more rules than just not eating those foods. My first successful Whole 30 was in 2017 during late summer. I finally understood my relationship with food and started eating clean and the end results were great.  I lost 17lbs, was no longer dependent on eating crap to fill emotional needs, and for the first time I could see a healthier version of myself, that let’s be honest I always knew was there. I will tell you that it is not easy and best to attempt when supported with a buddy. Thankfully my Brother in Law is my buddy for this round, my Gemini pal and one of my best friends! How lucky am I?

My second 30-day goal which is a minor goal is to practice yoga at least 3 times a week. This goal covers not only my health resolution but my financial resolutions.  I pay about $55 a month for unlimited yoga and for 2 months I have gone 5 times, what a waste! This is a resource I already have, and I have no physical limitations to practicing more than 3 times a week. As of today, I have not practiced one time this week.  So, as I write this, I have skipped my 9 AM class, thankfully they offer more than 1 class on Saturday’s, so I have no excuses to get my but up and live your life girl. 11 AM class booked! 1 down 2 to go this week!

My 3rd and wildcard 30-day goal is to quit my candy Crush addiction! Yes, I said it…Candy Crush. The best game ever! This game got me through some rough days in 2018 and cost me $176.  I will wait a minute for you to say “What? You pay to play that game?” and I will let you judge me and one up me with how you don’t have that bad habit. I will let you gloat in it and bask in the wild idea that I, paid for extra lives and extra candy crushing tools. Trust me when I say letting you judge me is not even half as bad as how I judged myself!  And isn’t too familiar for women and I imagine men as well that our biggest critics are ourselves? So, no I didn’t delete the app and every night I think I still have it – who would know if I just played one round?  I would know that I can’t control a craving or a thought that I own. How powerful it feels to say no to that candy crush monster deep inside my brain. So, I am on day 4 of my wildcard goal and I am crushing it! You know like candy!

If you have goals or resolutions this year and you think they may be a little too aggressive don’t give up and imagine how good it will fee when you get there.  It is important to find support around you and within you because honestly, we all need a little help every now and then to remind ourselves, we have the power inside.  

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” Edmund Hillary

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