live your life girl 2021

I asked you how you were going to live your life girl in 2021 and you answered with a few of these: overcoming challenges, loving myself, reading more, sexy, motivated, in love, with purpose, fun, light, judgement free, focused, making money and taking vacations, fearless. I loved hearing all your intentions that you would be setting in 2021. In a time where everything can change from one day to the next, I have found that focusing on my goals, intentions, higher purpose or dreams can make the difference between a good or a bad day.  Some days we all feel like rolling over and staying in bed with the covers drawn, like I do so many mornings. But there is that little slice of sunshine that makes its way through the curtains, or a pouncing kitten that gets you out of bed and gets you motivated. That sliver of sunshine gets you a little closer to what you strive to be, desire to have, and long to feel in your life.

If I have learned anything about 2020 it is that anything can happen. I set out in 2020 to be the version of myself that I saw in the mirror. True and confident healthy and light. With the emotional struggles we all faced this year I also faced a few demons of my own. Pizza, sour cream, lemon Oreos, door dash, uber eats, grubhub…wine – you know them, right? Food is not therapy – its fuel. A lesson I learned 2 years ago when I did my first #whole30, but it was 2020 anything can happen. I want to be clear that I am not making light of the terrible things that happened in 2020. Those who still grieve and those that are not here to see the next adventure will always be on mind. I am grateful for my health and my home. I have a job that pays my bills and affords me a safe place. My family is healthy.  I know so many don’t have those or lost those in 2020. I can only be grateful for what I have and help those when I can.

Now that I have squashed any insensitivities you might be feeling I will get back to my 2020 journey and where we are now. You probably know I bought my first home in February, moved from my apartment of 11 years in March and spent the Spring and Summer living in my home with occasional social gatherings, drive way drinks and wine & walks (trademark pending), early summer Leo and I welcomed Jessi as our roommate for a few months. I thank the universe for sending her our way, not having her here would have been rough. The idea of knowing you were not alone through this made more of an impact than I thought it would. In September I lost 3 wisdom teeth but feel wiser after binging Dawson’s Creek during my recovery.  I adopted Lady Claire in October and she has brought joy and excitement to both Leo and me. I never thought I could love something just as much as my main squeeze Leo, but I did.  Her morning snuggles and routine wake up calls helped me get motivated to get out of bed to live my life girl. For those new to live your life girl Leo is my 5yr old Tuxedo cat. It is true that pets save you more than you have saved them and that’s very true in both Leo and Lady Claire.  In November I set some goals to get a jump start on 2021; four days after I purchased a treadmill, I fractured my fibula, without Jessi and the kittens looking in on me I know my mental health would have been worse off. I still hear Jessi’s voice when I can’t decide on something “Is that really necessary?” In December, I re-financed to take advantage of lower rates and to prepare myself for the 2021 improvements I had planned. I spent a lot of time in December re-evaluating where I had been this time last year and where I was now. Friendships and love habits had not changed much, I did learn a little something about love from a cute baseball booty and I feel stronger and more confident about the next time I open heart.

This new year feels different, my ride or die BFF even felt it. Our horoscopes even predict greatness so why was I still stuck? I made my list of goals, set my intentions and then the first week of 2021 came and went and I kind of met some goals. I still had junk in my fridge, so I ate it. I still wanted a playdate, so I did it. I had an open bottle of wine, so I drank it. I wanted to sleep in, so I hit snooze. Hence putting a snowball affect in place for all my 2021 goals, barreling down a cliff and exploding when it hits the bottom. This is how I felt yesterday when I woke up made my to do list – yes, I make a list for everything – live your life girl…with a to do list – and went back to bed for whole day. It is now Sunday January 10, 2021, the sun filled my hall with warmth and optimism. Lady Claire was excited to get our day started; does she know it is clean sheet day? As we fluffed the pillows, I felt regret for wasting our day yesterday – I feel guilt for wasting time every day. I think of all the days I wish I had more time and I have no excuse because the time I waste every day I could have been doing the great things the universe keeps pushing me to do. I know some of you may feel the same way and it is okay to waste a day, but you have to get up the next day and try again and try again every day until you make stick. Today, I have a whole day to prep for my week, my month my next 11 months of greatness. I repeat to myself in the mirror “live your life girl, with love, without judgement, with ownership, with meaning, with fun, without fear.” I will repeat this phrase each morning to remind myself of why I get up and why I write and why I share with you about my fear my sadness my laughs and my love.  From time to time I will still waste a day in bed and cuddle with Leo and lady Claire just reset and refocus every small and big thing I have left to do.  

This year I commit to sharing posts with you about overcoming challenges, loving myself, reading more, being sexy, getting motivated, falling in love, living your life girl with purpose, fun, living in the light, staying judgement free, finding focus, making money and taking vacations, choosing to be fearless every day.

Here is what the first quarter of 2021 will look like, I hope you continue to follow me as I live my life girl, and share with a friend who just might live her life girl, too:

January: how will you live your life girl, 2021? (purpose, intentions, fun)

February: live your life girl with love (self-love, friendship love, spicy love, future love)

March: live your life girl as the woman you are (showcasing real women who inspire me every day)

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