Thankful for Yesterdays

Today, on Thanksgiving, we all have an opportunity to practice our gratitude for friends, family, and those that are brave enough to come into our lives.  I want to make a point to call out those who pass through on the way to another adventure.  Of course, I am grateful everyday for my best friend and even though we don’t talk all the time I am grateful for my sister because I know she loves me for everything I am and for all the things I’m not. But I want to take the time today to be grateful for all those friends and lovers that show us a little more about who we are through laughs, and heartbreaks, and faded memories we made.  I think of these important people today and have thought of you a lot lately.  Like the ghosts that float back into our lives there is something to be said for a shared memory that makes you feel a rush of blood to the head.

I am grateful for those misfit girls in high school that found each other. I think of our prom night and how much fun we had with each other. Even if we didn’t have dates – we knew we could find some on the way. Committing to be there for one another no matter what everyone thought, we were living our life girl in a bubble and no one was going to tell us no. It was a time to be authentic and not pose as someone others wanted us to be. I remember feeling so safe that I could be exactly who I was at that moment and each one of them loved me for that. We shared laughs and tears and although we have gone our separate ways, there is always something that reminds me of them, and I smile because they truly are what live your life girl is about.

I am grateful for those guys that let me be one of boys for so many years. They allowed me to be high maintenance without calling me out. Protecting me from bad choices, even though I’ve made plenty along the way. I think of Randy, Tim, Lincoln, Ross, Shawn, Josh, Joe, Ryan and so many others that were part of our group.  Now that they wives and children and we don’t talk as much or sometimes at all. They are on another adventure, but I am grateful for all the fun times and the nerdy nights.  You let me crash on couches when it was too late drive, you let me sleep on couch with a raccoon, and you schemed with me when we lit old brownie a blaze! You held me when I was heartbroken, and you celebrated my wins when they came along.  I always wanted to be famous, and you helped me realize that dream when I had my very first fan club.  I am grateful that I could live my life…as a girl that was just one of the guys.

I am grateful to all those co-workers that bonded over something our boss said, a challenging project, and late nights working west coast.  Some of those relationships have remained while others I watch from afar. I see all your new adventures and imagine what we would laugh about today. We spend so much of our lives working it makes sense we bonded like we did. You have taught me strength when faced with hardships, you have shown me the way when I was brand new and before I knew how to live my life girl you saw that it was in me the whole time.

I am grateful for those lovers that I wished were more.  I love running into you and remembering those fun days. It feels good to think of a time when I barely knew who I was, and you reminded me that I was living my life girl just as authentically as I am today.  And apparently my kisses have the same affect on you as they did on that island.

I am grateful to the party girls that got us through our 20’s, 30’s and hell…last weekend. JMFP could have never existed without the love and support and let’s be honest lots of wine, margaritas, and the next drink that guy at the bar is going to buy us – even though we certainly can buy it for ourselves now it feels good to be treated for just being us. Those all-day tailgates, dancing until they kick us out kind of fun will always light a dark a day for me.  You didn’t judge me when I accidentally made out with that guy with the lambchops on my birthday, ok maybe you did but I was living my life girl and I owned every part of that night.  We may be new friends or close friends, or we may not even be friends anymore, but I am still grateful for the lessons we learned together and those lessons that wait for us after the next sip & stroll, happy hour, or a day drinking adventure.

The childhood friends, the guys, the co-workers, lovers, and party girls all deserve a little gratitude for the short time they spend in our lives teaching us things we never knew we needed to learn. There is something in me that drew me to you, and I will always be thankful for that. Sending you lots love for the life you live now even if it doesn’t include me – know that the time we spent will help me live my life girl just that way I you always knew I would.   

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