Love Heals

Does he love me as much as I love him? Does he need me as much as I need him? Does his heart beat a little faster when we cuddle, full of joy like mine?

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of love and being loved in return. Some days I wonder if the love I give is returned and then something happens that reminds me he does love me, just as much as I love him. Yes, I am referring to my cat Leo. Calm down…we have a healthy relationship. As many pet owners know there is nothing like the reciprocal love of a pet. Love is love no matter who or what you give it to. I have loved lovers in the past, I have loved friends and I will always love my family, no matter how hard it is sometimes.

Leo and I met 5 years ago, and he stole my heart when I least expected or wanted it. I was not looking for a pet let alone a tiny, fit in the palm of my hand, little, burnt pawed & whiskered tuxedo-ed boy who just wanted to be loved. I re-live that day when someone asks where I got him. I fully intended to find him a good home, knowing deep down his place was with me. I look at him daily and feel gratitude that he trusts me to care for him. He proves that he is grateful too when he cuddles me while I am on a work call and when he stands guard while I shower. Without him I am not sure how I would have made it through the challenges in the past 5 years. He senses when I am sad, sick, lazy, and motivated. He knows just when I need his love and sometimes when it is most inconvenient – like at 2:30 am.

I’ve loved boys in the past and most all have ended with heartbreak. Leo has been there to remind me I will never be without love. I dream of meeting the right guy to share life with. I see us laughing, travelling, exploring, challenging each other to be the best part of ourselves, mutually respecting each other, and most of all giving and receiving each other’s love. Until I find my true love, I know that Leo will love me for who I am, flaws and all. 

This year has presented so many challenges for humanity and I feel the remaining months are ripe with more. When the world seems to be crumbling around us, I look for Leo, who is never too far away from me and remember that love does heal. There are those that will try to drag us down with negativity and hate, others will turn a blind eye in denial, while some will encourage you to live your life girl. Live your life girl with kindness. Live your life girl without judgement for your beliefs. Live your life girl with respect for all. Live your life girl full of love and never turn down love that returns to you. Live your life girl with gratitude and be grateful every day for your version of Leo. He reminds us all that there is still love.

  1. Only another fur baby parent can understand far beyond the words. Leo will need to meet his Virginia cousin Tiff sometime. Who knows, they may ‘fall in love.”


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