Hot Girl Summer Won’t Last

Have you ever met someone, and you instantly knew they were meant to be in your life or that you were meant to be in theirs? Whether they stay a lifetime or just a few hours one of you has picked up a lesson that will make a difference in the way you see the world. We learn some of life’s most important lessons while getting our hair done or our eyebrows waxed and sometimes most inconveniently with our feet in the stirrups or while our mouths are open wide during a Novocain dream. I treasure those moments when my hair is in foil and she laughs at something I said because its genuine and when she turns the chair around for the finished look and I see how beautiful she has made me feel. We only see each other every couple months but I leave feeling inspired and I hope I leave her with a little joy to get through the rest of her day.  

Three years ago, I was shoe shopping and I noticed a new addition to the store. They had put in a nail salon within the shoe store. What an amazing idea and it just happened to be the same salon company I went to, while only a couple minutes away from my apartment. I first scheduled with a familiar face and then a bubbly young girl who was funny and smart and was all about the basic bitch good vibes only. My third appointment was with Miss Bubbly’s best friend and might I say alter ego…let’s call her Dark Angel. She had a dark sense of humor that I immediately loved and her attention to detail made me all but fall in love with her completely. It didn’t make sense that we got a long since our astrological signs were dangerous together, and not in the good way. I was living my almost forty-year-old life girl while she was basking in her early 20’s but we always had so much to talk about. A year passed and I felt invested in her life and considered her and Miss Bubbly friends. It was my bright spot in one of the hardest years I have ever had. They always made me feel better and reminded me to live my life girl even when I had to take a break from all extras.

Once my world started looking bright again so did theirs. They shared that they were thinking of leaving the salon, and of course I ensured them I would follow and support them the best I could. It was the right decision for them, to grow. They told me about the super talented salon owner, and I thought it sounded great. She sounded great.  And then I met her, the Soiree Beauty herself. She was this tall beauty that had this strength about her.  She would greet me with a smile, but I could see she was a tough cookie underneath and I was not going to get on the wrong side of her. After a few months of going to the salon I got to know her better even from a few tables away.  I discovered we shared some passions. I loved empowering Miss Bubbly and Dark Angel and she was doing the same. She coached, trained, and taught them to rise above a bad experience. I could tell they were stronger women after just a few months with her. I loved chatting about the future with the Beauty and her fears about growing her business. After every visit I felt a powerful energy just being in the same room with the three of them and the environment the Beauty had created.

A few days ago, I drove to my nail appointment, excited and energized. Paige recently opened a new salon. Bigger and brighter and with more room to empower everyone who walks in. As the door opened, Taylor filled the room with her energy as they all welcomed me in!  While Amber started my nails, kinda thrilled to be one of her first clients, we all chatted about the space and Amber caught me up on her latest adventures. As I was leaving, I felt so proud of what Paige and Taylor and Amber had accomplished in such a short time. Paige is living her life girl and fulfilling some mad goals by opening a salon to help others fulfill their dreams and sharing her artistic talents with every client. She brings joy to those who don’t have the opportunity to know an authentic person and I can’t wait to see what more she can do with that tough spirit tucked behind the warm smile. I know that Taylor will find the bright side in any situation and I know I can always share a laugh or new outfit with her for many years. As for Amber, my kindred spirit, I am sure that no matter what salon or what chair I sit across from her we will always share something special. A love of 90’s grunge, an affinity for Gwen Stefani and a darkness about us that few can understand. She keeps me un-cheugy and I hope I remind her to live her life girl just the she wants.

As women we surround ourselves with others to care for our beauty. Do you engage while they polish your paws? Or gossip while they gloss your locks?   If you don’t have hair stylist or a nail girl that you really connect with I would encourage you to keep looking because when you find your Amber you will know and you will follow her anywhere, unless she decides to follow Korn on their last tour and if so then live your life girl.  Beauty isn’t just about a gorgeous color on those bangin’ bangs or that nail art that makes all your friends want to know where you go, it’s about the community inside each of those salons that keeps you coming back. If you feel excited to go and on the top of the world when you leave, you’re doing it wrong. Live your live girl and get those nails polished cause 2021 is halfway over and hot girl summer won’t last.

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